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Determine Child Support Obligations

How Much Child Support will I Receive?

Mississippi Code Sections 43-19-101 and 43-19-103 establish guidelines for child support obligations. These guidelines provide the percentage of the non-custodial parent’s adjusted gross income that should be awarded for the support based on the number of children due aforementioned support.

Guidelines are as follows:

Number of Children Due Support Percentage of Adjusted Gross Income
1 14%
2 20%
3 22%
4 24%
5 or more 26%

Child support will continue until a child becomes emancipated. The age of emancipation in the state of Mississippi is 21. Automatic emancipation occurs when the supported child reaches the age of 21 (unless specified differently in the child support court order); marries;  joins and serves in the military on a full time basis; or is convicted of a felony and is sentenced to incarceration of at least 2 years.

A court-ordered emancipation to eliminate or decrease child support benefits, can occur when the supported child has reached the age of 18, but discontinues full-time enrollment in school, (unless the child is disabled); voluntarily moves from the home of the custodial parent or guardian, and establishes independent living arrangements by obtaining full time employment and discontinuing educational endeavors prior to the age of 21; or, cohabits with another person without the approval of the parent obligated to pay the child support.     


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