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What Services Are Provided?

MEDIATION includes MAV-P staff working with both parents to develop a peaceful resolution to visitation disputes. This process is a face-to-face interview and/or telephone sessions.

PARENT EDUCATION is offered through parenting classes which address the basic needs of the child, money and stress management, child abuse, co-parenting and the concerns of the parents for their child's well-being.

COUNSELING is intended to help parents work through their interpersonal conflicts by focusing on the best interests of the child. Counseling must focus on the issues pertaining to access and/or visitation issues.


  • Neutral Drop‐Off/Pick‐Up for parents and their children in a neutral environment for the safe exchange of a child from the custodial parent to the non‐custodial parent or vice versa.
  • Visitation Compliance Monitoring to monitor parental compliance of a court order for visitation and/or custody, or parenting plan agreement.

DEVELOPMENT OF PARENTING PLANS includes the development of formal or informal parenting plans or parenting agreements through court-ordered  mediation which increases non-custodial parenting time with children.

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