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Up Front Job Search & Vocational Rehabilitation

A request for TANF assistance in Mississippi is a request for help in finding a job!

All adults applying for TANF assistance will be required to meet with a MDHS eligibility worker, a MDHS case manager and comply with TANF Up-Front Job Search requirements or Vocational Rehabilitation services before their TANF application can be approved.  However, adults who meet an exemption, other than incapacity, from TANF Work Program (TWP) requirements at the time of the application interview will not be referred to MDHS case management and will not be required to comply with TANF Up-Front Job Search requirements or Vocational Rehabilitation services.

TANF applicants who are not exempt from TWP requirements, applicants who have an approved  medical or physical incapacity or applicants whose request for a work program exemption is pending will be required to:

Meet with a MDHS eligibility worker and fully complete the TANF application interview process.

Provide a completed MDHS-EA-331, Report of Medical Examination as requested, if claiming a work program exemption due to incapacity.

Meet with MDHS case management and fully complete the TWP intake process.

Meet with a TWP case manager who will assess your work readiness, employability skills and determine if you need any supportive services to help you find and keep a job or participate in vocational rehabilitation activities, if applicable. 

Work with a TWP case manager to develop an employability plan (EDP) that will help you  and your family become self-sufficient as quickly as possible.  Your EDP will identify the TWP work activities you may be assigned to immediately after your TANF case is approved.

Register for work at your local WIN Job Center and comply with any other job search activities deemed necessary or meet with a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, comply with the interview process and accept any services available to you in order for you to become more employable.

Actively look for a job and/or participate in available Vocational Rehabilitation programs.

If referred to the WIN Job Center you must provide verification, within the ten-day time period, that you registered for work and that you are in compliance with any other job search activities assigned by your TANF case manager and/or the WIN Job Center employment representative.

If referred to Vocational Rehabilitation you must provide verification, within the 10-day time period, that you kept your appointment and that you are cooperating with the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor.

TANF applicants who are incapacitated or applicants who request an exemption from work program requirements will be required to comply with the above TANF Up-Front Job Search or Vocational Rehabilitation requirements, whichever is applicable, while they get the verification needed to determine their eligibility for an exemption.

Failure to comply with all of the above requirements, without good cause, will cause your TANF application to be denied.  Failure to keep your appointment with your MDHS eligibility worker or your MDHS case manager will mean that you no longer need TANF assistance and that you wish to withdraw your TANF application.

The TANF application interview and the TWP intake process may take about three hours to complete.  Please make arrangements for child care and be prepared to complete the entire process on the same day.  If the TWP intake process is not completed on the same day as your TANF application interview, you will be given another appointment to meet with MDHS case management.  

If you have any questions, please call your local county Department of Human Services.

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