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Income, Resource & Benefit Guidelines

Maximum TANF Benefits

The amount of the TANF payment is based on the family’s income. When the income does not meet the TANF Program Need Standard, the family may be approved for a monthly benefit up to the state maximum for that household size. Monthly payments in Mississippi are limited to no more than:

  • $110 for the first person
  • $36 for the second person
  • $24 for each additional person

Currently, the benefit for a family of three is $170. Benefits are issued through the Mississippi Debt MasterCard® Card which is a prepaid debit MasterCard.  The ePayment card can be used at MasterCard member banks, ATMs and any retailers that accept MasterCard.

Maximum Monthly Gross Income Limits

The gross monthly income limit for a family of three is currently $680. If a family member works and pays for child care, the actual verified cost of child care can be deducted. Use the table below to find the maximum monthly gross income allowed for your household size.


Number Persons in Assistance Unit (AU)











Maximum Monthly Gross Income (185%)












If more than 10 are in the budget, add $75 to the requirements for each person above 10 and compute 185 percent of that figure, rounding down to the nearest dollar, for the gross income test. This income limit includes requirements for food, clothing, personal incidentals, electricity, water, household supplies, fuel, and shelter.

Maximum Resource Limits

Mississippi adopted Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility; therefore, there is no household resource test unless a household member is currently disqualified for Intentional Program Violation (IPV), been convicted of a drug-related felony, or the household received any lump sum payments in the 12 months prior to the date of application. Lump sum payments do not include EITC, tax refunds, tax rebates, or tax credits.

The maximum amount of cash or cash assets which a TANF assistance unit may retain and be eligible for TANF is $2000.




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